At Sunny Fresh service means convenience.  Like being open weekends and late on weekdays so you can come in when it fits your schedule — not ours.  And doing all our work right on our own premises — not somebody else's. So you get your clothes back the next day, or even the same day, if you wish. 


Our insurance agent loves us — we simply don't have any claims. That's because we go to great lengths to control our quality. 


First, we inspect each garment, treat it for spots, pretreat it, and then pre-test all delicate items before cleaning. 


Then your clothes are laundered or dry cleaned in the best. most sophisticated machines available. you get cleaner clothes that actually last substantially longer than other cleaners. And that's not all.


Finally, every garment is individually inspected and touched up or respotted, if necessary. If a button is missing, a new one gets put on without you ever having to ask.


We do many extras for you at no extra cost.  Take shirts, for instance. We actually separate them by color, bag them in protective mesh nets, and then individually adjust water temperature and wash cycle to each load. Then we rinse them twice. Your shirts will actually last twice as long. Fact is, we're putting a whole new wrinkle in the cleaning business.


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What is GreenEarth?


GreenEarth is without question, the largest truly “green “ brand to be offered around the world, it is also the home to an extended  family of progressive industry leaders working together to change the future of dry cleaning.

The GreenEarth Cleaning process uses liquid silicone in place of petrochemicals. Essentially liquified sand, silicone is non-hazardous and non-toxic to the environment. When released to the environment, it safely breaks down into the three natural elements it is made from: sand (SiO2) and trace amounts of water and carbon dioxide. Which means it is safe for the air, water and soil.

GreenEarth is safe for people too. If you wanted to, you could safely rub it on your skin. In fact you probably already do. Liquid silicone is the base ingredient in many everyday shampoos, conditioners and lotions.

Because clothes cleaned the GreenEarth way aren’t bathed in perc or other petrochemical solvents, they come back fresh and clean without unpleasant “dry cleaning” odor. GreenEarth is also very gentle on clothes. You can actually see and feel the difference it makes. Colors don’t fade and whites don’t gray or yellow the way they do in traditional dry cleaning, even after repeated cleaning. Everything feels better too. Fabrics are smooth and silky, and sweaters feel soft and supple again.

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